Shimon HaTzaddik’s celebration in Sheikh Jarrah


This cashbox was photgraphed during the celebration, it reds: “donation for the strengthing of the Jewish settlement, Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood”

This year the Jerusalem Municipality gave its sponsorship to the Shimon HaTzaddik’s celebrations (Shimon the Righteous’ Celebrations) in Sheikh Jarrah. The fact that the municipality has refrained from sponsoring the even in past years raises the suspicion that this year’s support was not just an innocent support of a purely religious event. Rather, the sudden support of the city municipality should be seen as a support of the settlement in Sheikh Jarrah. A sign posted in the neighborhood which bore the icon of the Municipality at the top, and concluded by saying “at the center of the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in Jerusalem,” has left little room for doubt.

In addition, the settlers took advantage of the event and conducted a number of neighborhood tours.

The Solidarity Movement wishes to point out that it has no objection to such a celebration as a religious event. We also wishes to point out that most of the people that took part in the celebration only visited the grave and did not approach settlers’ houses. However, we oppose any use of a religious celebration as a tool which serves the settlers’ interests.

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