Solidarity in Ramle: Help Stop the eviction of El-Ajuo Family, Thursday, January 26


Solidarty Against house evactuation, Ramle, 7th of April, 2011. Photo by: Oren Ziv, Activstills

In April 2011, and once again in July of the same year, we were able to prevent the eviction of the El-Aju family from their home in Ramle by the ‘public housing company’ Amidar. The El-Aju family has lived in their home for over 50 years, but in recent years, Amidar has tried to evict them without offering any housing alternative. The family has a small income, and they are precisely the kind of people for whom the public housing company was established. Nevertheless, instead of helping the family, Amidar insists on throwing them into the street, in order to sell the property at a profit.

This Thursday, January 26, Amidar intends to evict Sawsan and Ayyub El-Aju, as well as their nine children, in the middle of winter. The family has nowhere to go, and if Amidar is successful, eleven people will find themselves in the street. Sawsan and Ayyub are determined to struggle for their right to remain in their home.

We will be there with the El-Aju family on the day of the eviction, in order to prevent it from going through.
The El-Aju family’s struggle is part of the nation-wide struggle for the right to equitable and just housing – and against the greed of Amidar.

Join us! Social justice isn’t just a slogan.

This Thursday, January 26
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