After this week’s demolition – demonstrating on the grounds of the declared Mount Scopus Slopes National Park: this Friday, February 10th, 11:45

Last Friday activists and representatives from the Palestinian committees planted trees together on the grounds declared as a new National Park, in protest of continued advancement of the plan by the Nature and Parks Authority (see an activist’s report here).

Days later, the Nature and Parks Authority’s bulldozers returned once again to work illegally on the grounds of A-Tour and Issawiya, damaging Palestinian property as well as ancient caves on the premises. Five Israeli activists who tried to prevent the work by standing in front of the bulldozers were arrested, along with a local resident of A-Tour (the illegal work on the land can be seen in this video).

The illegal and violent actions taken by the Nature and Parks Authority only increase our resolve to continue opposing the National Park plan.

We will continue the campaign which has already postponed the deliberations at the local planning committee by a few months.

The Solidarity movement, along with residents of A-Tour and Issawiya,
continue in actions to stop the establishment of the national park,
and expose the political agenda
motivating some members of the Nature and Parks Authority.

Come join us on Friday, Feb 10th
Meeting points: 11:45 at the Mount Scopus Eastern observatory
Or 11:30 at “Aroma” coffee house in Mt. Scopus
For further details: 0546236609
Facebook event – invite friends!

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