A demonstration in Issawiya: stopping the Mt. Scopus Slopes National Park! Friday, Feb 17th, 11:45

Last Friday, in stormy weather, dozens of residents from Issawiya and A-Tour held a prayer in the observatory overlooking the designated park, and we joined them in a march protesting the plan to establish a National Park on their private lands. Over a hundred people walked through A-Tour in yet another step in bringing the issue to public attention.

This week, Solidarity and the residents of Issawiya and A-Tour
continue in a joint effort to prevent the establishment of the national park,
and expose the political agenda motivating some members of the Nature and Parks Authority.

Come join us on Friday, Feb 17th
Meeting points: 11:45 at the Mount Scopus Eastern observatory
Or 11:30 at “Aroma” coffee house in Mt. Scopus
For further details: 0546236609
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